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TITAN-3000 car lift for a Lamborghini showroom


Few people ever wonder about how cars get into the showroom, located on the second floor of the dealership. The first thought that comes to mind is a sloped ramp or similar, but most often it’s not the way things are!

The most efficient way to move cars between floors is a car lift. It allows moving cars up to a height of 14 meters and serves up to 6 floors. At the same time, the area of the car is several times smaller than the area that a sloping ramp would require. Installation of such a car lift is economically 2-3 times more cost-efficient than the construction of a ramp.

In this car showroom, a TITAN car lift moves a car from the street to the exhibition hall and to an underground parking space. The lift is equipped with HORMANN automatic gates, which are synchronized with the lift automation system. Lifting and descending, as well as gate opening and closing, are all controlled by a remote control.

The TITAN car lift is a unique, unparalleled hybrid of a classic lift and a freight lift. It combines long service life, reliability, safety and functionality of a classic lift and the simplicity and versatility of a freight lift.

The main technical characteristics of the TITAN car lift in Lamborghini showroom:

  • Load capacity: 3,000 kg;
  • Platform size: 6,000 x 3,000 mm;
  • Lifting height: 5 000 mm;
  • Quantity of stops (floors): 3;
  • Movement speed: 8-10 cm/sec.

Optionally installed:

  • Sensors for correct car positioning on the platform;
  • LED-status signal lights;
  • Sensors of car presence on the platform;
  • LED-information panels on the floors;



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