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ORION rotating platform

Parking turntable

The ORION swivel platform is designed for optimization of parking space and saves space in your garage. It can be used as an exhibition stand at car shows or presentation events.
Smooth start and stop.

Heavy duty wheels with aluminum billet wheels and a Blickle Extrathane® polyurethane contact layer ensure that the platform runs as smoothly and quietly as possible.

Easy to transport and assemble on-site. A reinforced built-up support frame consists of segments that are bolted to each other in a circle.

Different floor coverings are available:
• Painted, galvanized, stainless steel, aluminium;
• Ceramics and stone
• Parquet and other wooden coverings
• Glass

We will send you latest version of the drawings with all parameters and technical data of the lifts.

ORION turntable video

Each swivel platform is assembled and tested during production with a 15%* load capacity excess.

Load capacity: 4,000 kg

Diameter: 6,500 cm



*Tests were conducted on concrete blocks with a total weight of 4,275 kg. The metal frame was calculated with a 4-fold safety factor in strength.

ORION turntable specifications

Load capacity

from 2,500 to 40,000 kg     

Platform diameter

3,000 to 10,000 mm

Pit depth

250 – 400 mm

Number of platform stops

No limits.

Average turnaround speed

360° in 40-60 seconds.

Power Unit

Oil-filled geared motor 2.2 kW

Network Voltage

380V (220V optional)

Movement type

Smooth start and slowdown before stopping

Total equipment weight   

1 240 – 2 240 kg.

Technical data

Coating of metal structures (surface treatment and anticorrosion protection):

  • Supporting metal structures (pillars, platform frame) – RAL painting on phosphating primer;
  • Rotating platform coating – aluminium checkered plate sheet with a “quintet” texture.

An L-bar* of 50x50x5, bent along the radius for the pit edge, prevents chipping of the concrete floor edge. It is installed in the formwork construction and embedded* into the floor screed.


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3000 kg
6000 mm

Wheel supports are installed and fixed to the monolithic base of the pit. As the height adjustment of each support can be easily adjusted, the swivel platform can also be installed on uneven ground.

The supports are equipped with wheels from the leading European manufacturer “Blickle”.


The load capacity of each wheel is up to 1000 kg. High-quality ball bearings provide a very low rolling resistance and easy running on smooth surfaces.


The “Polyamide PA6” wheel material is extremely resistant to abrasive wear and has high chemical resistance to aggressive substances and environment.

An Italian made oil-filled gear-motor of 1.1 kW with an electromagnetic brake.

The gear-motor is equipped with an electromagnetic brake, which prevents the platform from shifting accidentally when the vehicles are driving in, out or maneuvering.

The gear-motor can be easily accessed via the technical hatch in the rotating platform floor.

The wall-mounted electric control cabinet for automatic system control, combined with a push-button control station provide:


Motor protection against thermal overloads;

Smooth start and slowdown of the platform before stopping;


The rotation, acceleration and slowdown speed can be adjusted by setting the frequency converter.


The electronic components are strictly ABB and Siemens made.

The remote wall-mounted rotary platform control pushbutton station, made of anodized aluminium, includes the following features:

Key for activation of the post and control of the rotary platform;

Platform rotation buttons;

Emergency “STOP” button;

Flashing LED beacon for visual warning when the platform is in motion;

Speaker for audible warning when the platform is in motion (optionally).

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