4 post car lift Titan

Four-post hydraulic car lift The four-post hydraulic lift of the TITAN series is one of the most powerful lifts for moving cars between levels, capable of lifting cars weighing up to 20 tons to a height of 14 meters. TITAN four-post lift features high stability, smooth running and a minimal platform thickness (just 25 cm), which […]

Scissor car lift Atlant

Single-scissor hydraulic car lift A single-scissor PANDA LIFT ATLANT car lift is the easiest and most reliable electro-hydraulic lifting platform to operate. A single-scissor ATLANT car lift is used in case of  lifting height of up to 4 meters and platform size not exceeding 7×7 meters, while maintaining the minimum depth of the pit. Application […]

2 post car lift Apollon

A two-post hydraulic lift APOLLON series model is a two-post hydraulic lift with supporting posts on both sides of the lifting platform. The design feature of APOLLON model allows you to flexibly change the size of the lifting platform and increase its width with a maximum distance of 9 m. between the posts. The lifting […]


A car lift with a rotating platform The lift is equipped with a turntable platform that can rotate horizontally 360° in both directions. The turntable lift allows raising and lowering the vehicle where turning space is limited. We will send you the latest version of the catalogue with technical data and examples of car lifts […]

Double scissor car lift Goliaf

A double-scissor hydraulic car lift A double-scissor PANDA GOLIAF LIFT – the reliable electro-hydraulic platform that provides a maximum lifting height of 14 meters. Due to the double scissor mechanism, this type of equipment can be used to transport vehicles between 3 floors. The feature of the scissor mechanism is a smooth start/stop, precise positioning […]

2 post car lift Vulkan

Two-post platform hydraulic lift VULKAN – two-post hydraulic lift is sometimes the only and indispensable solution for moving vehicles among different levels.   A special feature of this model is the arrangement of supporting posts with hydraulic cylinders on one side, which allows the hydraulic lift to be attached to only one supporting wall.   […]

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