TITAN-6000 heavy with telescopic roof for private garage

Flagship model of Panda lift the TITAN is a workhorse that will tirelessly operate with rigid precision, dependability, and soothing comfort. This particular lift is a heavy duty machinery designed to move up to 6000 kg between levels. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rbTS9usvgQ It was built to transport heavy bulletproof Mercedes Maybach convoy vehicles in an underground garage in […]

TITAN-3000 in a business center underground parking car lift

The task was to create an underground parking lot in the basement of the business center, which is located in a densely built-up area. Therefore, installing an inclined ramp was not an option. This lift is perfect for this job . https://youtu.be/JNih18iHKOQ TITAN-3000 car lift is specially designed to be used in public parkings, as […]

TITAN-3000 car lift for a Lamborghini showroom

Few people ever wonder about how cars get into the showroom, located on the second floor of the dealership. The first thought that comes to mind is a sloped ramp or similar, but most often it’s not the way things are! https://youtu.be/3CBuAt2Q5gg The most efficient way to move cars between floors is a car lift. […]

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